Manny Pacquiao And Juan Manuel Marquez Will Fight In 2013, Despite What Anyone Says

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Juan Manuel Marquez will keep pretending that he is seriously contemplating not fighting Manny Pacquiao this year right up until he finally signs on the dotted line. Despite the fact that everyone knows their match-up is inevitable, regardless of how irritating it must be for all of the other boxers who are indirectly impacted by this ridiculous charade, this is the only weapon Marquez has when it comes to negotiating with Pacquiao’s team.

“A fifth fight against Pacquiao would be pointless. We already saw (who is better). The goal we had has already been achieved. There’s nothing pending, everything’s been decided and (another bout) would be the last option,” Marquez said in a session with reporters.

This week, Marquez came out and once again reiterated that he had no intention of squaring off against his Filipino counterpart. He presented Timothy Bradley (who may lose to Ruslan Provodnikov) and Brandon Rios (who may, but probably won’t, lose to Mike Alvarado) as possible alternatives. Naturally, as has been the case on numerous occasions over the past couple of months, Marquez’s comments were met with a collective gasp.

How can he pass up on such a huge pay day? Why wouldn’t he grant Pacquiao a rematch after being granted one on two separate occasions? Is this an example of ducking at its finest?

He won’t, he will and yes, but only if Marquez doesn’t ultimately agree to the bout – which he will. Despite everything that has been said thus far, the 39-year-old still has plans to meet with Arum this April. And the reason he has plans to meet with Arum this April is because he wants to know whether or not Pacquiao will give in to his financial demands.

In the fourth fight, a bout that Marquez won via sixth round knockout, he took home $17 million less than his counterpart. Obviously he wants to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself. That’s why he is playing hard to get right now.

A few weeks ago, his own trainer came out and acknowledged that Marquez will only ensure himself a massive pay day if he fights Pacquiao. Any other foe would mean less money and more risk. Why would a guy who has, at most, two to three matches left in him commit to that?

Answer: He won’t.

If Marquez truly wasn’t interested in fighting Pacquiao again, he wouldn’t meet with Arum. The fact that their meetings have and will continue to happen should tell fans everything they need to know.

Don’t buy the hype, don’t listen to the spin. Regardless of what anyone says, this fight is going down in 2013.

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